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Wear It Beat It British Heart Foundation

Raising funds for the British Heart Foundation is close to my heart, I struggle with a rare heart condition which affects more women than men. It is often dismissed by Doctors as Anxiety, Stress or Reflux and patients are being sent home from A&E with the same problem and usually still with chest pain.

We need to raise funding for research into this so that Doctors in all departments of hospitals are up to date with the risks this brings and to treat patients correctly with the right protocol.

I am donating 5% of sales from my artwork, I have set a target of £1000.00 I will continue to do this until I have reached it and then hopefully continue thereafter.

Please share this with all your friends to make this possible, this condition is Coronary Vascular Disease which causes the small micro vessels to spasm reducing the blood and oxygen flow to the heart and the patient experiences Angina pain.